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Deer Preclinical Assays

The majority of these items are all made for your individual order by our specialist suppliers. Hence we do not hold stock of these items and the lead time from order to delivery is typically 14 to 21 days.The Tridelta Format kits are held in stock and delivery is usually the day following receipt of order.

Cat No Product Tests
CSB-E12644De Deer Insulin-like growth factors 1, IGF-1 ELISA Kit 96
TP801 Haptoglobin - Multi-species 100
10.RT.K.4/12 INGEZIM ROTA CROM 12 12
10.RT.K.4/30 INGEZIM ROTA CROM 30 30
TP802 Serum Amylod A - Multi-species 96

HB kit

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