How to order:

You may order by Post or Telephone

Terms and Conditions

1. All orders must be on the Institution's/Company's Stationery.  
2. All orders must have: an official order number; a delivery address; an invoice address; the name and contact details of the person placing the order.
3. Orders from new customers will be accepted by email containing a scan of their institutions official order form or by, post.
4. Until a trading relationship is established new customers may be requested to make prepayment.
5. Existing Customers may order by telephone, email or post.
6. Payment terms are strictly 30 days net
7. Any special shipping requirements must be notified at time of order
8. Items that are made to order can not be cancelled once production has started.
9. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
10. Customers claiming VAT exemption must attach a signed declaration to the order.
11. Errors and omissions are excepted.


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